About Dholera SIR

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About Dholera SIR

Dholera Special Investment Region is a greenfield industrial smart city planned and located approximately 100 km southwest of Ahmedabad. It is envisioned as India’s most attractive location for manufacturing and industrial development. The Government of Gujarat has created a legislative framework for the formation of a Special Investment Region (SIR) under the Act 2009, for which a regional development authority, DSIR has been established.

The Dholera Special Investment Region Development Authority (DSIRDA) is in charge of planning and development of DSIR and will encompass the function of managing government land within DSIR. A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) named Dholera Industrial City Development Limited (DICDL) has been created between the Central Government (NICDC Trust) and the State Government (DSIRDA) of Gujarat to implement the project.

Dholera is envisaged to be an incubator city, spanning approximately 920 sq. km., encompassing 22 villages of the Dholera taluka in the district of Ahmedabad. Its strategic location between the industrial cities of Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot, and Bhavnagar will facilitate Ease of Doing Business. Dholera Industrial City will have a self-sustaining ecosystem consisting of economic drivers through industrialisation, utility and logistic infrastructure, and social infrastructure including education. healthcare, and other public amenities.

Dholera aims at creating economic development alongwith enhancing the quality city, DMICDC, with the support of the Government of Gujarat, plans to strategic balanced new-age city with world-class infrastructure and highest quality-of-life sto

Dholera aims at creating economic development along with enhancing the quality of life for people living and working in the city DMICDC with the support of the Government of Gujarat plans to strategically create an economically and socially balanced new-age city with world-class infrastructure and highest quality-of-life standards.

Dholera is committed to increasing transport efficiency and improve trade flows based on the strategic pillars of sustainability. digitisation, and innovation. It will be connected with Ahmedabad by a 6-lane access-controlled expressway and MRTS (Mono Rail) in one common corridor and shall provide seamless connectivity and rail-road transition as an effective means of transportation between the two cities. An international airport is being developed to the northeast of DSIR, by Dholera International Airport Company Limited (DIACL). The airport has already received environmental and site clearance and  on-ground work have also started.



Dholera Smart City Is a Platinum Rated Greenfield City Under Construction Near Ahmedabad. It Is Based on Singapore & Shanghai Development Model. It has all 4 Way Connectivity Which Includes:






Dholera International Airport (International, Cargo and Passenger)

Pipavav Is The Nearest Port, Also Connected To Major Ports Of Mundra And Kandla.


It has multiple zones like Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Recreational like any other developed city. It will act as a twin city of Ahmedabad with advanced infrastructure.


Town planning & TP- Scheme

Town Planning Schemes of Dholera as getting finalised under linear scheme wherein both sides of new expressway development possession and development permissions will be given. To visualise how it will be we can see activation zone as sample development. Same will be visible in coming years on both sides of expressway as linear development in sub town planning(TP) schemes declared.

Here it is noteworthy to know that initially it was decided to develop this city TP wise i.e from TP-1 to TP-6 in sequence but however looking at its practical scenario it has been decided now to start with linear development which will happen on both sides of new expressway and we can get clues of this in shri narendra modiji’s speech in ITI Gandhinagar when he was CM of Gujarat wherein he explains how the modern development takes place besides new roads like ancient development took place besides river.


World Class City

  1.  Role Model Greenfield city for future Smart Cities
  2.  India’s 1st “PLATINUM” Rated by IGBC
  3.  Self sustained ECO-System
  4. Very Well connected by Road, Rail, Sea and International Airport in DMIC
  5.  Future Ahmedabad twin-city


The City of Future

The planning and designing of Dholera SIR is at par with the international smart city standards. The first platinum green city is a dream come true for the entire nation. The following are some features that will mark it as one of the cities belonging to future times.


Advantages of investment in dholera

Price Appreciation

The development of Dholera will be ongoing till 2040, therefore the scope of appreciation is very high.

Rental Income

Due to high job creation, there will be high demand for a residential property so there is lot of scope in rental income.

Job/Business Opportunities

There will be multiple opportunities for job/business seekers in upcoming largest smart city of India, therefore high scope of job/business as dholera.

Major Usps of Dholera smart City

The dawn of a new city with Excellent Connectivity is here. Let's usher in a New Era of, World-Class infrastructure, Efficient Governance and Ease of Doing Business.


Permissible Zone in Dholera

City Center Zone

  1.  Super Shopping Mall & Retail Stores
  2.  Commercial Offices & Building / Complex
  3.  5 Star / 4 Star Hotels
  4. Multiplex Theater / Cinema Hall Auditorium
  5.  Supper Specialty Hospital
  6.  Large Departmental Store
  7.  Convention & Exhibition Center
  8. Multi-Model Passenger Transport Hub
  9. Petrol Pump, Bank & Financial Institution

Knowledge & IT Zone

  1. Business IT Park / Education Park 
  2. University & Hotel Campus
  3. School / College / Medical College
  4. Diagnostic / Radiology Center
  5. 5 Star / 4 Star Hotel
  6. Multiplex Cinema Hall
  7. Super Shopping Mall / All Retail Store
  8. Café / Restaurant
  9. Tec institute for Research & Development
  10. Recreational / Gym / Health Club

High Access Corridor

  1. High-rise Tower for Corporate Office
  2. Super Shopping Mall & All Retail Stores
  3. Night Shelter / Dharamshala / Library
  4. Place for Worship
  5. Health-Club / Swimming Pool
  6. Creche / Day Care Center
  7. School of Physically / Mentally Challenged
  8. Service / Repair Shop, CNG / Fuel station
  9. Cinema Hall / Multiplex
  10. 5 Star / 4 Star Hotel


Companies Working in Dholera SIR


What experts say about Dholera

Dholera SIR will be the building
blocks of Global Gujarat

Shri Narendra Modi
Hon'ble Prime Minister

Dholera SIR will be the first planned Greenfield city in India.

Shri Amitabh Kant
Niti Aayog CEO

Dholrea will be our defence manufacturing hub

Shri Bhupendra Patel
Chief Minister of Gujarat

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